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Steve and Mary Coates

The Coates family are a special part of our Church family although we don't see them very often because they moved to Llanelli, South Wales many years ago. Steve and Mary used to be leaders in the church but have been "missionaries" working with World Horizons for 25 years. We support them financially and prayerfully and in any other ways we can. Their four children are now all grown up, some married and all working in different places.

Steve and Mary's main focus is on Europe, supporting World Horizon teams working across the continent.  Their emphasis is one of prayer - prayer for nations. They have a vision for Italy and visit this nation regularly, especailly Genoa. They pray for and support pastors and churches there and bring significant encouragement to them. They would love to start a House of Prayer in Genoa, looking out to the Mediterranean nations.


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