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Fountain of Life - Sundar & Sarah

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Photo: Sundar, Sarah & family at Manchester Airport en route to India in 2018.

Sarah is the daughter of New Day's former senior pastor, Graham, and his wife Ruth. She and Sundar married in July 2004 and they have three sons, Timothy, Isaac and Ethan. Sundar completed his MA at Cliff College and has directed the charity since its foundation whilst Sarah is a doctor in Chesterfield. They established Fountain of Life Ministries in 2003 and are focussed on helping 64 tribal villages as these people are a particularly looked down upon and neglected strata of society. They run literacy schools so people can learn to read and write in the state language and sewing centres that help young ladies gain a skill that gives them a means of earning a little income. They also run annual Children’s clubs with over a thousand children, distribute aid to poor families, provide regular help to 120 elderly widows and 45 pastors, and respond to specific needs such as helping with medical costs.

In 2013 they opened the Home of Hope - a place of love and safety for abandoned children and a centre for the charity in India. There is a compelling problem in the region as many infants, particularly girls, are often abandoned at rubbish dumps, street corners and other public places. When found, many are malnourished and some have been born prematurely, needing a high level of support. However instead, they often end up in institutions with a poor standard of care or alternatively they are taken in by un-vetted adults and used as child labour. They are at risk of human trafficking, and sadly some are not found until it is too late. There is an urgent need for the provision of a higher standard of care for these poorest children, where they will be loved, valued, accepted, clothed, cared for and educated. By the end of 2014 the Home of Hope had eight children in its care. In February 2015 a further 5 were admiited so, along with the child of two staff there are now 14 children in the Home.

Whilst Sundar and Sarah are presently based in the UK, his family are out there on the ground overseeing the projects and ministering in their home region in India. Sundar and Sarah make regular visits to India to oversee the work, to reach out to the poor, evangelise and pastor churches, provide medical care and other services to help the most disadvantaged.

September 2016: Sundar, Sarah and the boys along with Graham, Ruth & Lydia Hooke and a small team from a couple of other churches completed a successful visit to the Home of Hope and the tribal villages. A second container, for which many people contributed shoeboxes and other useful goods, finally cleared customs and the aid taken to the Home of Hope prior to distribution in due course.

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